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Miriam J. Russell


✫ Miriam J. Russell (22)
Hometown: Honolulu, Hawaii
School: Parsons the New School for Design
Career: Employee at Saks 5th Ave; Aspiring Fashion Designer
Likes: clothes, shopping, staying in style, design, her tablet, make-up, heels, boys, spending time with her friends, work, being a good student, trying new styles out, magazines, movies
Dislikes: failing, lacking inspiration, losing things, liars, sneakers, bad fashion, fatty foods, snobby people, not being recognized for her work
Style: Miriam is very fashionable, she is always up in the latest trends. She likes to design her own outfits and hopes to design others someday.
Miriam was raised in Hawaii but she felt like she was going to be trapped if she didn’t grow up and move away from there. Hawaii was her home ever since she was 15. But when she was old enough to go to college she chose the Big Apple. Her family was a military family and they always moved around. She went from Colorado to North Carolina to Virginia and then eventually to Hawaii. She’s never really had stability but it’s something she craves the most. Even though she enjoyed the warm temperature and being able to go to the beach and go surfing and swiming in the Pacific Miriam said she was ready to go all the way across the United States to pursue her dream of being a fashion designer. Miriam is really unique. She’s quiet and doesn’t really like to take life too seriously. There’s so much to her but she’s like a puzzle you got to put all the pieces together to try to figure her out. Her blonde hair and hot bod have guys chasing her down the street but she doesn’t really want the attention. She’s got her eyes focused on her dreams. Guys have tried to distract her from her dreams but she won’t take it. She’s ambitious and determined. We can only wait and see if she will be veered off course
Model: Erin Heatherton
Taken by: @haute-hippie

Carly K. Johannessen

✫ Carly K. Johannessen (22)
Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
School: NYU
Career: Nylon Mag PR Girl
Likes: Make up, electronics, shopping, fashion, working out, photography, reading, listography, food, traveling, guys, coffee, watching movies, comic books, history, magazines, video games, her friends and family, music, disney world, christmas, candy, and many more.
Dislikes: Rejection, being annoyed, being told what to do, not getting her way, bad news, rude girls, spooky happenings, being scared, dou.chebags, insects, bad break ups, and annoying ex boyfriends and friends.
Style: Nautical, neutral, light pastel colors, statement necklaces and rings, cable knit sweaters, jeans, comfortable, preppy, unique, different, fresh, bright, and street style
Carly is a unique and different type of girl. She’s got major charisma and is nice to almost everyone she meets. Her family is always dependent on her along with her friends. Carly is the responsible one with her head on her shoulders but she still knows how to have some fun. She was always involved with many sports and clubs as a child and it carried on into her adult life. Carly always busies herself and can entertain herself quite well. She’s very down to earth and she can just relate to anyone or do anything when she sets her mind to it. She always knew Chicago just wasn’t the city for her so when it was time to go to college she knew she would move to the Big Apple. She’s intelligent and a real catch. Nobody really assumes much about Carly she’s just a shy girl but once you know her there isn’t any shutting her up. There’s so much Carly can do for the world. Whether or not she will achieve her dreams in the empire city, well we will have to wait and see.
Model: Behati Prinsloo
Taken by: @mademoibelle

Sequoia A. Cohen


✫ Sequoia A. Cohen (21)
Hometown: Dallas, Texas
School: Texas A&M
Career: Graphic Journalist for
Likes: Sushi, graphic arts, photo journalism, men, partying, vacations, music, her friends, cigarettes, drinking, doodling, playing the piano, karaoke, having fun, working out, and the holidays.
Dislikes: Being pressured, stereotypes, not being good enough, being belittled, shopping, people who complain too much, breakfast food, her mother, and obnoxious people.
Style: Sequoia is like an edgy hipster. She loves denim, shorts, sweaters, and vintage clothing. She’s a little rugged. Sequoia hates wearing dresses and loves mixing and matching styles, colors, and patterns.
Sequoia comes from the deep south but she’s not country or anything. You probably think Sequoia would have been a cheerleader or a pagent queen and those were things her mother wanted her to be. Sequoia didn’t want to do anything girly growing up and it has carried on into her adult life. She’s always felt like she hasn’t fit in, like she was different than most the other girls. She was teased for it but she didn’t really pay those girls any attention. Sequoia used to spend hours practicing piano and taking pictures as a teen. She even performed with a band with some guy friends of hers and everyone thought she was an amazing talented singer but that wasn’t a career she wanted to pursue. Sequoia has many talents and she believes that guys don’t need to look at her clothes to get an idea of what she’s like. She hates dressing girly and shopping. Instead of chick flicks and romcoms she prefers horror movies. She’s a really different type of person but it’s what makes her unique. Sequoia is rough on the outside but her friends are the only ones she’s allowed to get close to her. She hates other people telling her how to live her life. Don’t ever get on her bad side. She’s got a wall built around her and only time will tell if those walls fall down.
Model: Barbara Palvin
Taken by: @ohofkors

Sophie M. Lawrence

✫ Sophie M. Laurence (22)
Hometown: Malibu, California
School: Fashion Institute of Technology
Career: Aspiring Modeling Agent
Likes: Fashion, shopping, make-up, magazines, her iPhone, her iPad, bold colors, her sketch pad, her Nikon camera, boys, parties, cocktail dresses, looking fabulous, boys, her best friends, working hard, dancing, art, did I mention boys?
Dislikes: Boring people, being lazy, not getting what she wants, lacking inspiration, cheaters, loud gum chewers, alcoholics, getting up late
Style: Anything sexy, bold, sophisticated, and daring. She loves making a statement and being the center of attention.
Sophie, or Soph, as her friends and family refer to her as is a blonde bombshell. She has beautiful golden locks, a lovely smile, and a body to die for. Soph lived in Malibu all her life with her movie producer father, and jeweler mother. Despite her wealth and looks, Soph does not act like a spoiled brat; she is actually a very sweet young lady. You will find her doing random acts of kindness that are unexpected and well appreciated. Why is she in New York? Well she wanted to make a name for herself on her own. So, Soph traveled to the opposite coastline to attend college and make her dream of becoming a well-known and respected modeling agent come alive. Sophie chose FIT because she wants to keep up with the fashion world, due to her love of fashion, and see what these businesses are looking for in models. She would love to be a model, but doesn’t believe she’s cut out to be one, so why not work with them anyway? Sophie is dedicated and very hard-working so she believes she will be successful. We will see what NYC brings for her in time.
Model: Candice Swanepoel
Taken by: @thecittadevil

Kylee D. Anderson


✫ Kylee D. Anderson (22)
Hometown: Charlotte, North Carolina
School: Columbia University
Career: Pastry Chef
Likes: The color pink, desserts, baking, cupcakes, rom-coms, being successful, dancing, skirts, high heels, jewelry, lipstick, shopping, love, friends, parties, art, drawing, singing, working to get what she wants
Dislikes: Rude people, liars, cheaters, pressure, being told what to do, feeling alone, the color black, blood, rock music, horror movies, smoke, sketchy business, when things don’t work out
Style: Kylee loves to embrace the glamor of being a girl. She loves wearing soft and bright pinks and peaches, and showing off her flirtatious nature in her wardrobe.
Kylee is a southern belle that is dying to discover herself. Everyone who meets her falls absolutely head over heels for the girl. I mean how could you not? She is drop dead gorgeous and is the sweetest girl on the planet. No one thinks she’s done a thing wrong in her life; she has always been the perfect daughter, the goody-two-shoes, and role model student. Her family couldn’t be happier with her, but Kylee could be happier with herself. Because she soars academically, her parents want her to continue a career in that field. but Kylee has different ideas. Kylee knows that if she stays in Charlotte, she will be forced by her parents to do something she probably doesn’t want to do. So, she’s moved to the Big Apple to get away from the pressures of her parents and do what she truly loves: baking. Along the way, she is going to realize the ups and downs of love, because every guy is going to be chasing this adorable blonde babe from the south. What will come out of Kylee? Amazing things, that time will tell.
Model: Lindsay Ellingson
Taken By: @henna-enjoys-the-little-things